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Reebok Ventilator Extra Butter "Street Meat" 2015 Men

by Reebok
RELEASE DATE: 02/07/2015
The Extra Butter x Reebok Ventilator pays tribute to the 25th anniversary of the Reebok Ventilator.
The year 1990 marks the birth year of the Reebok Ventilator, as well as the start and rise of “Street Meat” food vending, a delicacy which remains a New York City staple and Extra Butter favorite through the years.
Executed on a buttery, premium, euphoria nubuck upper, Extra Butter’s “Street Meat” Ventilator takes it’s design cues from Halal food plates; mixing appetizing elements and colors that point to lamb, chicken, falafel, lettuce, yellow rice, and of course the infamous red sauce and white sauce. Extra Butter takes the gritty element of NYC food vending and spins it with Reebok for a luxury feel that both highlights the Ventilator, and pays proper homage to the delectable dish that “Street Meat” truly is.
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R 2,499

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